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The Room Tribute The Room Tribute

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So glad I came to Newgrounds today!

This is excellent!
I was laughing in hysterics the whole time!
Hadn't checked out NG in a while, and lo and behold this is uploaded and featured on the front page this very day!

I really like how it's pretty much the "story" from the movie verbatim, except limited to Johnny's perspective, with a few extra, rightfully absurd bits thrown in to pad things out. Taking Johnny's rampage to the streets was hilarious and somehow genius! Even the midi'd soundtrack kept a constant grin on my face, and the "battle" music was actually pretty awesome (glad to see it's available for download)!

The fact that the point-and-click seems to be the only consistent play mechanic is also hilarious-everything else (football throwing, "fighting," racing...) just kinda comes out of left field. Again, hilarious.

Basically, I love how much pizazz you put into this interactive adaptation. Obviously being overly familiar with Tommy Wiseau's opus, I found all the nonsense to make a little more "sense," though I can see why others who haven't seen the movie (or even heard of it) would be completely over-(under-?)whelmed by the presentation... To those people, besides telling them to check out the movie, I say, "The fact that you're utterly confused and dumbfounded means you're on the right track. Just accept it."

Kudos, guys.

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