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Plumber's Dilemma and Triforce of the Gods prints (limited time, place orders now!)

2010-10-19 13:44:06 by maniac086

I'm going sell prints of two of my recent Nintendo fanarts.

Triforce of the Gods - Zelda/Indiana Jones spoof
Plumber's Dilemma - Mario/Donkey Kong

Because I'm sure deviantART won't allow for these pieces to be sold through the Print service (I'm not sure they'd see them as parody enough), I'm gonna sell them directly through me, for a very limited time.

8.5" x 11" print - $6
11" x 17" print - $12

Discounts on multiple orders if I can combine shipping (i.e. same size prints).

Prices include shipping and handling. Payment through Paypal only.
Contact me first at k.michael.mayne at gmail dot com
with your order and I'll confirm your total. And that way I'll be able to verify where Paypal payments are coming from later.

I'll only be selling these prints until about the second week of December (late enough to still get them shipped in time for Christmas). After that they'll pretty much be relegated to convention prints.

As far as delivery time, I'm going to try and do one shipment a week, mailing them out on Monday or Tuesday. Orders confirmed by the Saturday night prior should ship out with the week's orders, as I'll try to get them professionally printed on Sunday. Standard shipping, so expect it to take about a week.

Also note:
-The 8.5"x11" of Triforce of the Gods does not include the bottom credits; the 11"x17" does.
-The 8.5"x11" of Plumber's Dilemma preserves the original aspect ratio, so there will be about an inch of gutter space on the left and right sides; the 11"x17" takes up the entire printable area of the sheet.


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2013-12-22 00:08:38

As you might've guessed, NG is chock full of creative developers, and not so many fans or consumers of art. Still, I encourage you to keep submitting here! Wherever you've gone, good luck!